A New Year and Some New Shells!


There are some new individual Seashells for sale from The Shellhut.  The large shells that are listed are 3 to 6 inches.  Nice display shells for your coffee table.  Shells have such a great tackle quality.  When you hold them in your hands and feel the smooth or rough surface it is like putting yourself by the sea.  Don’t miss the opportunity to have these beautiful shells in your home.  If you can’t get to the beach, bring the beach to you.

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Many Pretty Items for the June Bride and Her Beach Wedding

There are many items offered for the June Bride.  There are inserts of seashells and seashell flowers that can be inserted into bouquets.  There are cake tops and a ring barer, shell with heart shells.  Look for them on Etsy and eBay, the links are at the top of the page.

Seashell Flowers to insert into a bridal bouquet, or for a pretty vase at home

Seashell Flowers to insert into a bridal bouquet, or for a pretty vase at home

Pretty Seashells to add to your bridal bouquet!

Pretty Seashells to add to your bridal bouquet!

A Cake top for your Wedding cake

A Shell sculpture  top for your Wedding cake with 2 heart shells.

A ring bearer shell with ribbons to attach your real wedding rings.

The Website has been updated!


Just updated the website and added many new photos of past and present items I have made.  Some items have been sold, and since each new creation may be similar or very different, there is always something new in our Etsy Shop and on eBay.  Hope you enjoy the new items!

love-bird-cake-top seashell-nightlight-flowers-25b

Helpful Hints from The Shell Hut for the Care and Cleaning of Seashells


Natural seashells have a beauty that is found only in our precious oceans and sandy shores. Here are a few hints to make your shells stay beautiful.

Never place your colored seashells in the sun for prolonged periods. The sun will eventually lighten any color the shells may have.

Unless your seashells are white, they should not be bleached. Use a small amount of dish soap with water to clean them if necessary. Use a soft brush to dust your seashells or starfish, such as a new clean soft paint brush. Exception: clam shells or mussel shells that you use for food or had for dinner may have a small amount of bleach and dish soap added to clean any food smells or oils from the shells. Soak them overnight, and then rinse well and the food residue should be gone in the morning.

Sand dollars and white starfish can be bleached again with a spray bottle of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. Place in the sun (away from wildlife or bugs) to whiten even more. But try not to do this too often, as this will weaken the items.

DO NOT put baby oil on your shells unless you want a gooey dusty mess. DO NOT use vinegar, it will etch the shells. If you really need to make them shine, using a 100% cotton cloth, rub the shell gently and it will make your shells shine. We don’t recommend it but, if you have to have a glossy shell, use either a good clear nail polish or a non-yellowing acrylic spray.

Take good care of your seashells they will last Forever! Happy Shelling!

It’s about time….

I guess it is about time I wrote a blog on my passions.  Of course some of you have been following me for years as I have made so many seashell designs.  I like making small items, ornaments, home decor, wedding items and garlands.  It has always been my passion to work with seashells.  When I was a little girl, I walked into a shell shop in Florida and I said to my mother, I want to own a shop like this when I grow up.  Well I got to do the next best thing and create designs in my home and show them to you on the web.

There are more creative passions I have, which I hope to post from time to time.  I love Crochet, which I have been doing since I was a little girl.  My wonderful mother taught me how to crochet and she made some of the most beautiful afghans, throws and pillows.  I’ve done a few afghans and throws myself.  But I like to make small items, like dishcloths, coasters, and potholders.

And being of 100% Italian decent, I love to cook.  I cook the family recipes and a few new creations from time to time.

So I hope you will join me in my passions and creations.

Thanks for stopping by the Shellhut!