It’s about time….

I guess it is about time I wrote a blog on my passions.  Of course some of you have been following me for years as I have made so many seashell designs.  I like making small items, ornaments, home decor, wedding items and garlands.  It has always been my passion to work with seashells.  When I was a little girl, I walked into a shell shop in Florida and I said to my mother, I want to own a shop like this when I grow up.  Well I got to do the next best thing and create designs in my home and show them to you on the web.

There are more creative passions I have, which I hope to post from time to time.  I love Crochet, which I have been doing since I was a little girl.  My wonderful mother taught me how to crochet and she made some of the most beautiful afghans, throws and pillows.  I’ve done a few afghans and throws myself.  But I like to make small items, like dishcloths, coasters, and potholders.

And being of 100% Italian decent, I love to cook.  I cook the family recipes and a few new creations from time to time.

So I hope you will join me in my passions and creations.

Thanks for stopping by the Shellhut!